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Branded Voice Experiences

Improve customer experience  and differentiate

The voice technology opportunity

Voice-assistant technology enables consumers to have a hands free and frictionless "always-on" voice interaction with the brands they love in the comfort of their own home. 

The new opportunities for brands and consumers to connect using advancements in voice technology have not been seen since the invention of the smartphone. The time is now for advertisers and brands to trailblazer this new digital channel.



Canadian adults owned

a smart speaker, Q1 2019



Of smart speaker owners

use theirs as part of theirs daily routines



Month on month increase of

smart speaker usage during Covid-19

*Source: Statista | Google | DAX

The evolution of consumer habits

From web commerce, to mobile commerce and now voice. The opportunity of embracing a new channel for engaging with consumers is here. The time to stake your claim

is now.

perspective phone_1.png
perspective phone.png

Web Commerce

Mobile Commerce


The branded voice user experience and Journey

Initiated at home:






Consumer speaks activation phrase

Smart speaker begins brand experience

Smart speaker provides call to action at the end

Consumer can action on the call to action

Call to actions vary: Order now, order sample, learn more etc


It's time to have a conversation with your customer






Branded voice content using Natural language processing technology (AI)

Intent recognition and sentiment analysis

Alexa & Google Assistant skill enabled 

Available background imagery for screen based devices

In-depth reporting: activations, sessions, unique users, utterances and user path analysis

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