Gamification Advertising

Access an untapped lucrative user base

Brand safe advertising with 100% visibility

More and more Canadians are identifying as gamers. 


Despite the perceptions about this audience, gamers globally present a massive opportunity for brands to capitalize on through innovative monetization strategies targeting a highly engaged consumer group. Today, gamers continue to present a lucrative demographic that has yet to be reached by many brands.


For brands looking for an environment to advertise in that is brand safe, 100% visible, non-invasive and shown on premium titles; look no further. Gamification is the solution for you.

Canadians Like to Game

23 M

The number of Canadians that are gaming


Canadians that view gaming as mainstream entertainment


Hours per week spent by Canadians on mobile games

*Essential facts about The Canadian video game industry - entertainment software association of Canada 2018

Gamification: A Diverse Opportunity For Brands

Gamification presents brands with intuitive targeting opportunities that put ads in front of an audience with lots of purchase influence than non-gamers.

  • 23%
    More likely than non-gamer to have purchase influence on friends, family, or colleagues

  • Females:
    Most likely to influence people when it comes to dining out, groceries, and clothing

  • Males:
    Most likely to influence people when it comes to tech, entertainment subscriptions, mobile services providers

*Unlocking the power of mobile gamers - NEWZOO

Gamers Are Receptive to Advertising

Gamers are more likely to purchase from brands that are tied to ads they like. They are also most likely to use ads as a way to keep up to date with products and services and tend to associate great advertising with high-quality brands.

  • 50%
    Mobile app users play games

  • 50/50
    gaming apps are evenly split between male and female users

  • Reach
    Advertisers can use gaming apps to reach more consumers than
    apps for video streaming, news, sports, and health.

*Unlocking the power of mobile gamers - NEWZOO

APEX Advertises Where Your Audience Is

The exclusive partnership with EA and Rovio in Canada enables APEX to put brands in front of Millions of Canadians with purchase influence and who are receptive to personalized and engaging advertising.


EA players in Canada


Playing video games on mobile


Canadians playing Rovio titles


Downloaded app of all time (Angry Birds)

-Essential facts about The Canadian video game industry - entertainment software association of Canada 2018

-EA Canada Audience Insights

Expansive and Rich Advertising

Gamification presents brands with a unique opportunity to reach a massive, diverse, and influential group of consumers. Brands that capitalize on this opportunity will be advertising to a group of Canadians that want to be engaged; delivering highly targeted brand experiences and capturing authentic attention in an environment where audiences are already spending most of their entertainment time. 

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