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Interactive Moments

Connect with consumers when it matters the most.

Creating Interactive Moments

APEX and inMarket have joined together to create an exclusive in-app mobile advertising partnership in Canada. 


The objective and purpose of this partnership is to help brands in Canada to create meaningful connections with consumers during that critical mobile moment, the moment that matter the most in the buyers journey. 

What Are Interactive Moments?

With Moments, brands can connect with consumers as they navigate in-store ready to make a purchase. These Interactive Moments create a higher level of engagement by creating unexpected and exciting experiences with limitless creative capabilities. 


How Does It Work?

A full screen Moment is shown to the shopper as they enter a store, driving them to a specific brand and product.

Creative Interactive Moments


Swipeable Moments:

Enable consumers to swipe and choose the offer they want, driving the highest engagement and maximum ad campaign ROI


Click to Cart Moments:

Provide brands with the ability to convert retail shoppers into mobile shoppers by giving consumers the choice to either pick the product off the shelf, or order it on mobile.


Predictive Moments:

Use real life events like weather and current events to increase the relevance of your ads. Predictive moments enables brands to use creative to dynamically change based on any type of data.


Animated Moments:

Take full advantage of mobile ad creative capabilities and make them leap off screen, without limitation of file size or bandwidth.


Playable Moments:

Reach the millions of Canadians playing mobile games with Playable Moments. Turn your ads into an unforgettable gaming experience without having consumers install or download any additional software. 

The APEX Difference


Large Network

Connected to 65,000+ mobile apps used by more than 100 million people


Unmatched Accuracy

More than 500 billion pieces of location data scored, filtered, and categorized monthly

Delivering Accuracy Through Our Exclusive Premium Location Data Partner

We’ve partnered with inMarket, the leader in digital advertising for the physical world that uses comScore verified, real-time data from 50 million first-party integrations with the world's most popular apps. Enabling brands to create exciting experiences that drive huge campaign ROI.

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Demo Interactive Moments By Catagory

Click on a category below
to experience an Interactive Moment.

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APEX Helps You Build Audiences, Create Engagement And Advertise Without Interruption

Start building engaging and creating meaningful moments with your customers today!

The APEX difference

At APEX we’re helping brands in the media and entertainment industry connect with consumers of all ages, genders and background across premium in-app inventory that ranges from lifestyle apps, gaming, and more!

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See how you can execute your next mobile advertising campaign with any of the following mobile and connected advertising tactics:

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