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It's time to KONNECT with your audience

Konnect is Driven By Premium Content

Konnect is a Connected TV (CTV) advertising solution that elevates brand visibility to new heights on over 161 premium CTV channels and content (Live or Full episode).


Common devices you can find Konnect advertising include:






Smart TV (in-TV apps)

Streaming boxes

HDMI sticks

Game consoles

Internet-enabled smart blu-ray/DVD players

Anchor 1

Devices owned by consumers in Canada


85.8% | 84.4%



90% | 84.4%



55.4% | 54.9%



42.1% | 35.3%


Data powered Television

Viant household ID 

Over 9 million households in Canada

Privacy compliant

Linear TV can’t use data from other devices to target the right users on TV


Linear TV has limited
user behaviour learnings


All the most powerful features you get from digital, including: 

Transparent/Brand Safe channel list


1st and 3rd party data


segmentation and planning

measurement and reporting








The Complete Full Service Connected TV Campaign Service Provider

Konnect makes launching your connected TV campaign simple using accurate audience targeting to ensure high performance and results.


Easy setup:

Our account management team will work closely with you to create audiences that will maximize your budget and achieve campaign goals and objectives. 


Advanced technology:

Konnekt uses advanced technology that is designed to ensure that your creative streams on all available major networks during premium content. 


Performance based advertising:

We measure and track the metrics that matter for campaign success


We're Canada's experts at connected brands with the right audience

How We Keep You and Your Audiences Connected 

We make prospecting and retargeting campaigns easy using rich data to target audiences with accuracy, and achieve results.

Retarget audiences while their on the couch:

Konnect retargets audiences that have engaged with you on desktop or on mobile, so you can serve relevant and contextual advertising that gets to revisit and convert. 


Extended reach:

Keep audiences engaged at home, out of home, and on the go, with mobile and display advertising.


Prospect and re-target with ease:

Countless audience segments using first party and third party data

How Canadians Stream Content


Reaching Cord Cutters and On-Demand Streamers

Reach Audiences Like No Other Platform Can:

Konnect puts your ads in front of your audience while they stream premium connected TV content. Making your ads unskippable by reaching carefully selected audiences on brand safe, premium connected TV networks and apps.

Quality advertising during quality programming:

Ads delivered during episodic streaming or live programming

Go beyond the living room:

Retarget users that see your connected TV ads on display and mobile

OTT or CTV: What's the Difference?

Connected TV (CTV) is a television that is connected to the internet on its own like a Smart TV or through an external device such as a gaming console, Apple TV, Google Chrome, or Fire Stick. 


OTT (Over the top) is video content that is served to audiences that are not subscribed to a TV cable company and are viewing their programming online via a TV that is connected to the internet (CTV) using any of the options previously mentioned. 


Through Connected TV and the internet, Konnect serves OTT content to audiences

Get Started: Let Us Show You The Possibilties of OTT Advertising


Is Connected TV (CTV) advertising part of your marketing plan? If it isn’t, you’re missing on an opportunity to reach audiences on the largest screen inside the home, the TV. 

Download our free CTV guide today and learn more about Connected TV advertising. 

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