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APEX Mobile Media webinar

The difference between here and RIGHT HERE: Targeting with accuracy

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You already know where Canadian audiences are doing the majority of their media consumption. 


The real question is how do you target the right audience, with the right message, and at the right time. So, join the APEX mobile media team in this webinar and explore how advertisers are using location based in-app mobile advertising tactics to connect with their audience.


Hear from Marketing Director Carlos Guevara and APEX Mobile Media President Chris Lombardi as they navigate through the many changes around location based advertising and the new modern way to target with accuracy.

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Covered in this Webinar

  • How accurate location data is scored

  • How to target audiences using real-time location based advertising

  • How this is used in a real use case example

  • How location is used across multiple channel targeting

  • How your in-house teams can make creative ads that stand out

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