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The ultimate travel tool
is in your pocket

No, we don’t mean your passport - although you definitely need that to travel. 


When it comes to researching, planning, and booking your next trip, the ultimate travel tool is…




Wherever travellers end up, their phones helped them get there. Don’t believe it?


76% of travellers say their smartphone is the most important tool when traveling, and 79% do all of their destination and hotel research on their smartphone. Reality check: smartphones are the new travel guides.

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Travel is on the rise

Stow your luggage and fasten your seatbelts, because travel is en route to return to pre-pandemic levels. 


In 2022, the number of Canadians traveling internationally increased 11x compared to 2021. And it’s only going to increase in 2023. North American travel is expected to return to pre pandemic levels by 2025.

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The connection to mobile

Here’s a fun riddle:


Travel is only increasing over the next few years.


Majority of travelers use their phones before and during travel.


Where should travel & tourism brands be reaching travelers?


The answer: on their phones!


Click below to explore how this mobile connection is important for brands AND consumers.

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