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Consumer Packaged Goods

This document serves as a report and summary of all advertisements run through APEX Mobile Media by advertisers in the Consumer Packaged Goods sector.


The report will provide a summary of each campaign, report on performance, and provide a discovery of opportunities available for advertisers looking to achieve better performance in 2024.

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Report Overview


In 2022 APEX Mobile Media was the advertising network of choice for 13 advertisers in the Union and Trades sector.


These were spread across:

  • 17 campaigns


The tactics used during the year included:

  • Geo-location targeting

  • Demographic targeting across


Run on:

  • Mobile

  • Connected TV


The performance metrics in this dossier are based on:

  • Click Through Rates (CTR)

  • Video Completion Rates (VCR)

  • Viewability

Each APEX Mobile Media product and tactic will be summarized to uncover opportunities that can help maximize future ad performance.

Report Contents

  • Report Overview and Objective

  • Campaign Overview

  • Location & Ad Unit Overview

  • Creative Performance Overview: Banner Ads

  • Banner Ads: Findings & Opportunities

  • Creative Performance Overview: Interstitial

  • Interstitial: Findings & Opportunities

  • Creative Performance Overview: In-App Video

  • In-App Video: Findings & Opportunities

  • Creative Performance Overview: Moments

  • Creative Performance Overview: Connected Tv

  • Connected Tv: Findings & Opportunities

  • Opportunities

  • Summary

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