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Mobile Advertising Whitepapers

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Maximizing Back-to-School Marketing in 2024

May 2024

Learn how your brand can effectively navigate the back-to-school season using advanced advertising strategies and data insights with our 2024 eBook 

Fintech advertising guide

In-App Mobile Advertising for Financial Service Providers

January 2023

Learn how the changing banking habits of Canadians are having an effect on the way financial institutions are engaging and connecting with customers

In-App Mobile Ad Guide

Leveraging In-App Ad Types to Create Genuine Ad-Experiences

August 2022

The Modern Consumer wants genuine ad experiences that are relevant to them and delivered when it matters most.

Explore the multiple types of In-App Mobile Ads and discover how each of these can be leveraged in order to create genuine and meaningful ad experience for your targeted users.

ios14 cover 2

Restricting the IDFA

January 2021

Are you ready for the upcoming updates to iOS14 and how you advertise? Prepare yourself for the dawn of permission based real-time advertising by reading our paper on changes to the IDFA.  

covid-19 reatail strategy

COVID-19 strategy

October 2020

The effects of COVID-19 have accelerated retailers to quickly adapt and embrace change faster than ever. Learn about the new customer journey landscape in this FREE guide.

2020 holiday marketing

Digital First Holiday

September 2020

Innovations and solutions for your holiday 2020 digital marketing



August 2019

Mobile ad planning guide: a step-by-step guide to successful mobile advertising



July 2019

4 Steps to better engage audiences using mobile technology

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The Future of In-App Advertising:
Trends and Predictions for 2024

Feb 2024

Unlock In-App Advertising Success:

Tap Into North America's $5 Billion Market with Our 2024 Insider's Guide

QSR Marketing cover

The QSR Marketing Landscape in 

September 2022

Brands, agencies and marketers working in the Quick Service Restaurant (QSR) sector can use this document to gain knowledge on how location-based marketing and advertising can help to target existing and new customers and target competitors.

Mobile first cover

The Mobile First Approach to Successfully Navigating Today's Advertising Landscape

July 2022

Explore the impacts of COVID-19 and its effects on the advertising and media industry in Canada and obtain a better understanding of what consumer behaviour presently looks like and what it is expected to look like in the future.

ios14 cover

Elimination of the
browser cookie

January 2021

Changes to iOS are coming. Download are free guide and explore why this is happening, the impact on mobile and the key digital media functions being impacted while also learning how you can prepare yourself by future proofing your next ad-campaigns on mobile. 

2020 holiday game plan

Holiday Guide 

September 2020

Get ready for the upcoming holiday season with our 2020 game plan


White Paper

March 2020

COVID-19: effects on advertising and shift in strategy


White Paper

August 2019

Mobile In-App Advertising: Engaging where your audience is

location intelligence cover

White Paper

June 2019

Location intelligence: Insights beyond marketing through hyper-accurate location data

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