In-app Mobile Advertising For Auto

Advertising to auto intenders on mobile

Auto Sales Start on Mobile

The global pandemic has shifted the way consumers browse, price match, shop, and purchase.


From shopping at home on a computer, to shopping on the fly on smart phones; 31.5 million Canadian retail shoppers are embracing e-commerce and m-commerce.

The result of this change in shopping habits has resulted in 64% of Canadians shopping on multiple platforms and 13% of them shopping on mobile only.

The recent accelerated digital transformation has disrupted many industries and the auto industry is no exception. The result has auto retailers continuously working to make the customer experience better and finding ways to engage consumers in the spaces where they are spending the most time in. 

  • Source: comscore

Todays customer experience starts on mobile.

The Digital Auto-Mall Is Everywhere


Historically, auto-malls have been a great way for auto retailers to place themselves competitively against other brands. This set up created heavy foot traffic from auto intenders looking to learn more about a vehicle or from those ready to purchase. 

Today the auto-mall is everywhere. Accessed from home on a computer or in transit on a smart phone. This digital version of the auto-mall has created a growing need for auto retailers to convert already informed customers that are landing on various site pages and to win back visitors that drop off and turn to competitors.


Canadians spend 73% of all

digital time looking at retail

options on mobile


Auto intenders mobile time

is spent: researching, price matching and even

appointment booking

  • Source: comscore, Google Dealer Guide Book

The Road to Customer-Centricity Begins on Mobile

Auto retail web sites both on desktop and mobile have become virtual store fronts that consumers are digitally walking into; creating a demand for auto retailers to step up and provide the same engaging and personalized experience on-line that they would in store.


Retailers looking to capitalize on digital traffic need to be prepared to provide a seamless customer experience to visitors the same way that they would at the dealership. From letting visitors know about offers, to getting them to subscribe and become loyalty VIP members, and even getting them to see how their dream vehicle would look like on the road.


Thanks to mobile, auto retailers can start this customer-centric experience anywhere.

handing keys.png

13% of shoppers are navigating retail sites using only mobile

The Personalized Experience is Mobile

Before any customer centric experience can take place, auto retailers need to be able to drive the right traffic to the right landing page. To do this, brands need to be advertising where their audience is and deliver engaging content that is un-intrusive and full of value.​

  • Source: comscore/newzoo


Mobile user data delivers contextual fuelling personalization

87% of Canadians spend their mobile time in app

Converting The Mobile Moment

In a mobile first world, consumers are using mobile devices to navigate, browse, learn, plan, research and purchase.​

Auto brands looking to convert these mobile users into customers are using mobile data to infer who their customer is and take next best actions, including when and what to advertise. This small window of time to deliver the right ad to the right person is known as the “mobile moment”. Today, Canadians spend 87% of their time on mobile in-app resulting in many auto manufacturers and auto dealers turning to in-app environments to capitalize on that mobile moment.

During that mobile moment, in-app ads are delivered with context in an un-intrusive manner; making the customer feel as if the ad being seen is part of the app experience and has been personalized to their needs and wants. The result is higher user engagement and responsiveness

  • Source: Google Dealer Guide


95% of vehicle buyers looking for information are using digital as

a source


60% of them start their customer journey on mobile

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