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Mobile Advertising Webinars

APEX Mobile Media's webinars are designed to help marketers, advertising agencies and brands better understand the mobile advertising industry and market. 

Each webinar is filled with content that is fuelled by discussion to help you better understand the mobile advertising market and industry. Panel guests include partners, clients, industry leaders and specialists in the mobile advertising world. 


By watching a webinar replay below, you will gain industry insight and knowledge about mobile in-app advertising to fuel your next digital campaign. 

To begin, select any of our webinar replays below.

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Mobile Gaming - 

Debunk the myths and untap the potential with next level advertising

Watch the on-demand replay of this presentation and hear from our panel of speakers including, Scott Linzer SVP, Business Development at Frameplay as we explore who makes up the 24.4MM Canadians actively playing games on mobile, the  key advertising opportunities for brands in-game, and see samples of next level dynamic creative opportunities. 

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Mobile Gaming -

Creating a genuine connection

Canadians and the world together are staying home to flatten the curb created by Covid-19.


Social distancing, lock downs and self isolation are keeping everyone from the everyday normal things in life. To keep busy, and social, many have turned to the world of mobile gaming and brands are taking notice. 


Watch our new presentation on mobile gaming and learn how this untapped market is helping Canadians stay social during a time of social distancing and the opportunity it presents to brands looking to reach new audiences. 

APEX WEBINAR- In game audio advertising_


In-game audio advertising

Watch this on-demand webinar on in-game audio advertising and hear from AudioMob CEO Christian Facey and the APEX Mobile Media leadership team as they explore the state of advertising, mobile gaming and how this new ad-tech enables organizations to capitalize and optimize the mobile gaming experience by using a new digital advertising channel that is both fluid and accepted by gamers worldwide.



iOS13 and location based marketing

This webinar will explore how Apple and Google's new iOS 13 and Android 10 update impacts the way location-based marketing is being done and takes a deeper look at how brands are positioning themselves to embrace this change. 

Join guests, Gary Engnes (inMarket), Chris Lombardi (APEX Mobile Media) and Walder Amaya (APEX Mobile Media)

in our first of many webinars to come. 

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Real-time advertising

Watch the on-demand replay of this webinar and learn how APEX and their exclusive partner network are leveraging 1st party data, that is not dependant on IDFA, and using real-time advertising capabilities to continue connecting brands with consumers during the crucial mobile moment. 

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