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The Banking Experience Begins on Mobile

The Mobile First Approach to Personalized Banking

The Banking and Financial Services Shift to Mobile

Mobile advertising is going nowhere. By now, it’s been adopted by almost every single business type as a marketing channel and it’s here to stay

The financial services industry is among those that has found great success in finding new and hard to reach audiences by advertising on mobile sites and inside of popular apps. Today, banks, credit unions, Fintech’s and other financial service provides continue to increase their digital ad spend on mobile as it’s the device where most Canadians are spending their time in

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Canadians spend 4.4 hours a day on mobile, with this number increasing year on year

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65% of Canadians used mobile app‑based banking in the last year

The Banking Industry Goes Mobile

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Since 2020, Banks and other fintech service providers are leveraging mobile advertising more aggressively than typical as mobile ad spending is expected to be just over 70% of total digital ad spend by the end of 2022. This total spending represents the third-highest mobile ad spend at $22.62 billion 

This increase in spending reflects the increased use of mobile banking and asset management apps, which grew by 40% in 2020 alone. This trend will continue to see consistent growth among Canadian consumers through the end of 2022 and into 2023

(Source: EMarketer, The Financial Brand)

The Mobile Disruption and Opportunity

This growth of mobile first banking customers and portfolio management presents a great opportunity for banks, and financial services provides to meet and engage new and hard to reach consumers with impactful and engaging ads that showcase products and services

Icon of the customer life cycle

Retain Customers for

Longer Life Cycles

icon showing a bar graph trending upwards with a dollar coin

Increase overall advertising

income and ROI

Icon showing that customer relationships lead to money

Create deeper relationships

with profitable customers

icon showing the different channels used by customers

Meet customers on channels

they use the most

icon showing cusotmers and the money they generate

Generate new income

from existing customers

icon showing a bar graph trending upwards for efficiency

Increase advertising efficiencies

and improve effectiveness

Converting The Mobile Moment

The widespread adoption of smart technology continues to transform the way people do business with the brands they trust. In the world of banking and financial services, this means using the channels that more Canadians are turning to on their smart phones and devices to perform day to day transactions.


In turn, this gives advertisers the ability to analyze and leverage more consumer data than ever before and use it to create a customer centric and personalized way of marketing

Fintech and banking customers are starting their experience on mobile more than ever before. Making mobile advertising a part of your marketing mix can help to meet new and hard to reach consumers while continuing to connect banking and financial services brands with existing customers in a personalized way. Mobile advertising can help to create strong, consistent, and personal experiences with consumers where they are spending most of their time: Mobile


Learn more about how financial service providers use mobile advertising by downloading our Finance Industry Infographic here

Did You Know?

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3 out of 4 Canadians (75%) intend to keep the digital banking habits developed during the past two years

The APEX difference

At APEX we're helping the finance industry connect with new and existing customers using advertising opportunities that were previously unheard of. Learn how APEX has helped brands engage audiences on mobile by using the most premium network of location data, mobile data, and app partner network.

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See how you can execute your next mobile advertising campaign with any of the following mobile and connected advertising tactics:

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