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Meet customers on the devices they can’t live without

Mobile Advertising in Canada

Mobile advertising has evolved significantly, now encompassing ads on smartphones and tablets within various apps such as lifestyle, fitness, and even gaming apps. This shift has been driven by the increasing time consumers spend on their mobile devices.

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85%+ of Canadians are mobile

phone users

25 Hrs is the Canadian average time spent on mobile per week

30% increase in customer engagement & conversion rates on mobile

US$5.6 billion is Canada's expected mobile ad spend in 2024

Why mobile advertising works

Canadians now spend more time on their smartphones, tablets, and other mobile devices than they do sitting in front of the television. Brands have been adopting mobile-first strategies to engage customers on their preferred platforms in real-time and have been increasing dollars spent on this digital channel. Today, the best brands in Canada have adopted a mobile first approach to meet new and existing customers on the devices they can’t live without and in the apps that they trust and love.

High Engagement:

Mobile devices have high user engagement with apps, providing ample opportunities for ads to be seen

Targeted Advertising:

Advanced targeting capabilities using first-party data allow for precise ad delivery based on user behaviour and preferences

Real-Time Interaction:

Mobile ads can be adjusted in real-time, offering dynamic content that resonates with current consumer interests


Widespread Usage:

With increasing mobile device usage, reaching consumers through mobile advertising meets them where they spend most of their time

Personalized Experience:

Mobile ads can offer a personalized experience, increasing the likelihood of consumer interaction and conversion

How mobile advertising works

Effective mobile advertising leverages first-party user and location data to tailor ads in real-time based on consumer behaviour and preferences. Success also relies on access to premium ad inventory with high user engagement.

Data Collection

Advertisers gather first-party data from user interactions within apps, including browsing behaviour, app usage, and location data


This data is used to create detailed user profiles, allowing for highly targeted ad placements that match user interests and behaviours

Ad Delivery

Ads are delivered through premium ad inventory in popular apps, ensuring high visibility and engagement

Real-Time Optimization

Campaign performance is continuously monitored and optimized in real-time, adjusting ad content and placement to maximize effectiveness

Engagement and Interaction

Mobile ads often incorporate interactive elements, such as click-to-call, video, or gamified experiences, enhancing user engagement

Benefits of In-App Mobile Advertising

In-app mobile advertising supports various strategies including brand awareness, driving foot traffic, lead capture, e-commerce, event sales, and real-time customer engagement.

Customer journey funnel

Brand Awareness

Driving Foot

Real Time
Customer Engagement

Lead Capture


Event Sales

Mobile Advertising Ad Types

In-App Ads

In-app ads are integrated seamlessly within mobile applications, providing a non-intrusive advertising experience. These can take various forms such as banners, interstitials, native ads, and rewarded ads. In-app ads are highly effective due to their ability to target specific user behaviours and demographics, ensuring relevant ad placements.


Banners, Interstitials, Native Ads, Rewarded Ads


Precise Targeting, High User Engagement, Non-Intrusive

Use Cases:

Gaming Apps, Social Media Apps, Utility Apps, and more

Mobile Video Ads

Mobile video ads offer a dynamic and engaging way to connect with audiences. These ads can be pre-roll, mid-roll, or post-roll and are often used within video content on mobile sites and streaming apps. Their visual nature makes them memorable and highly effective for storytelling.


Pre-roll, Mid-roll, Post-roll, Vertical and Horizontal Videos, Rewarded Video


High Engagement Rates, Memorable Content, Broad Reach, Rewarded Video is 100% opt-in

Use Cases:

Mobile Sites, Video Streaming Apps

Branded Moments

Push notification branded moments deliver real-time messages directly to users' mobile screens, even when they are not actively using an app. These ads are highly effective for immediate engagement and can be tailored based on user preferences and behaviour.


Text Notifications, Image Notifications, Action-Based Notifications


Immediate Attention, Real-time Updates, High Engagement

Use Cases:

Retail apps, News apps, Social Media apps, Cooking apps, Shopping apps, and more

Rich Media Ads

Rich media ads are interactive and engaging ad formats that can include videos, GIFs, and other multimedia elements. These ads encourage user interaction within the ad itself, providing a more immersive experience.


Expandable Ads, Interactive Banners, Video Ads, Gamified Ads


High Engagement, Interactive Elements, Immersive Experience

Use Cases:

E-commerce Promotions, Brand Storytelling, Interactive Campaigns

Mobile Flyer Ads

Mobile flyer units are an innovative and cost-effective form of mobile advertising. They offer dynamic and interactive digital flyers that engage consumers directly on their smartphones.

Cost Efficiency:

Save on printing and distribution costs associated with traditional flyers.

Real-Time Updates:

Easily update flyer content in real-time to reflect current promotions.

Targeted Delivery:

Use advanced targeting to deliver flyers to specific audiences based on location and behaviour.

Interactive Features:

Incorporate interactive elements like clickable links and videos to enhance engagement.

Trackable Performance:

Gain insights into consumer behaviour with detailed tracking of flyer views, interactions, and conversions.

The APEX difference

APEX Mobile Media utilizes advanced mobile and in-app advertising technologies, focusing on premium audience engagement through top-notch data, location services, and creative media channels.

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