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Mobile advertising for travel & tourism

Engaging travellers during the mobile moment

The mobile device as a tool for travel

The mobile device has become the place to reach travellers. As smartphone usage continues to grow, so does the number of ad-spend marketers are shifting towards mobile advertising. Today, travellers are using their smart phones more often for transactions related to travel and tourism. In fact, 76% of travellers say their smartphone is the most important tool when traveling and another 79% say they do all their destination and hotel research on their smartphone.

Smartphone user scrolling on phone for information while travelling
How phones are used to plan travel bar chart
Icon showing a plane inside a smartphone to denote how they are used for travelling

The mobile moment

Today, marketers need to leverage mobile technology in a way that is effective at engaging travellers during the mobile moment that 70% of these travellers are using to make last minute bookings. In 2021 there were 7.9 Million Canadian travellers, this number increased over 54% from 2020 which shows that the travel economy is on a path to recovery. Travel is expected to return to pre-pandemic levels by 2024.

Icon showing a hotel
Icon showing a graph line trending upwards to show a rise

76% of travellers say that their smartphone

is the most important tool they use while


Number of Canadian travellers is rising

and will continue to do so over the next

two years to pre-pandemic levels

79% of travellers say they do all their

destination and hotel research on their


The mobile first connected approach

As travel increases, so does the need for a place to stay. Despite the growth of AirBnb, hotels continue to see a large demand from Canadians traveling domestically and internationally.

Hotels looking to connect with travellers can leverage mobile advertising to advertise on apps and mobile browsers with precision timing.

For tourism, destinations are targeting locations of gathering such as theme parks, beaches, campgrounds, national parks, landmarks, and resorts on mobile ads that help create awareness and even drive conversion.

The APEX difference

APEX has been helping hotels, airlines, and destinations world-wide with engaging Canadians looking for flights, accommodations, and places to go.  Learn how you can start

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See how you can execute your next mobile advertising campaign with any of the following mobile and connected advertising tactics:

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