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Advertising Consumer Packaged Goods on Mobile

The mobile first and connected approach

The shift to pushing a virtual shopping cart through in-app aisles 

As Canadians continue to embrace online shopping on mobile and in-app, CPG brands are presented with an opportunity to connect with consumers in real-time, reach a wider audience, and further drive sales.


The modern Canadian is a connected always on individual that lives almost their entire life online using a device that fits in the palm of their hand. It is how they shop, communicate, socialize, stay entertained and learn. The mobile device is now the main screen in-front of almost every single Canadian. For CPG brands this shift in consumer behaviour has led to a re-evaluation of media and marketing budgets.


The result has been a decline in foot traffic, and an increase of app installation across Canada. The rise of apps like Instacart, flip, flashfood, shopping lists, and other coupon and grocery related apps is evidence that the virtual shopping cart is getting more push than the one in-store.

Case study mobile flyers
Learn more about Mobile Advertising for CPG from our Mobile Flyers case study

The mobile moment

retail sales in Canada trends
Reasons for online shopping in Canada

Today, successful marketing of consumer-packaged goods is all about reaching the right shoppers in the right place, at the right time on mobile. It is the digital equivalent  to getting premium shelf space in-store and becoming easily accessible.


Advertisers today are achieving results by leveraging advancements in mobile advertising and using the data that 1st party SDK’s provide. Brands using these advancements in ad-tech can reach Canadians based on real world behaviours and help them along the customer journey in the moments that matter and for the reasons that matter to them when choosing to shop online.

CPG brands recognize that the mobile moment presents a crucial window to connect with consumers while they are making a purchase decision at home, on the go, or in store with the product in hand. In addition to real-time advertising tactics, CPG brands can leverage mobile technology to gain visibility into how product categories are changing, further optimize marketing efforts, and adjust budgets to reflect changes in supply chain and adjust location targeting to areas where the competition is struggling to meet demand. Learn more about how brands use these moments by downloading our Mobile Flyers Case Study here

The mobile first and connected approach

Canadians continue to embrace a connected omni-channel world, and the CPG brands that embrace new ad-tech will the ones gaining key insights into the evolving behaviour of the always on and connected consumer.

Mobile first CPG brands will be at the forefront of customer experience through real-time engagement.

The APEX difference

APEX is committed to helping CPG brands across Canada obtain a concrete, cohesive and strategic mobile advertising strategy that will ensure they stay on top today and tomorrow.

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See how you can execute your next mobile advertising campaign with any of the following mobile and connected advertising tactics:

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