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In-app geo-contextual targeting

Reach consumers in the moments that matter

Audience and location targeting on mobile

Audience and location targeting has been a key tool for marketers to analyze online and offline behaviours and movements made by consumers. These key findings help brands to create and optimize campaigns using strategic insights about who the customer is, what they like, where they go, and the competition.

Why geo-contextual targeting works

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Hyper-accurate location and audience


Real time, Comscore verified and opten-in 1st

Party Data

Securely collected data that is 100% permission

based - CCPA, GDPR and HIPPA compliant

Modern advertising and marketing have brands targeting users based on location, and online behaviour however, recent updates to consumer data and privacy has created a demand for proprietary 1st party user data that includes information such as intent data, visitation data, and transactional data that is obtained from trusted SDK’s. This data is then used to help create ads that make sense to the consumer.

The ability to obtain and use this type of information can help brands reach consumers during that crucial mobile moment that has been proven to be a short window when a consumer is making a purchase decision either in-store, in-path, and in-hand. Obtaining this type of consumer information also helps to precisely measure the impact of advertising campaigns for foot traffic, and purchase lift.

How geo-contextual advertising works

Modern audience and location targeting is all about working with 1st party holistic data.

This data set includes intent, visit data, and transaction data. When put together, this data set provides brands with information to help determine what people plan to do, where they plan to go, and what they plan to purchase next in the customer journey.

This data is compliant with all existing and new consumer privacy regulations and is primarily collected from a proprietary software development toolkit (SDK) that is permission based.

By only working with a permission based SKD's, brands can obtain precise consumer information such as location from GPS signals including Lat/Long, points of interest, time, date, and even dwell time.

This information is then processed and verified by multiple touch points including, product scans, purchase data collected from linked credit cards. Learn more about how brands use this Location Targeting by downloading our Location Intelligence Whitepaper here


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Using in-app geo-contextual targeting in your strategy

By using highly accurate and refined audience and location data, brands can unmask the anonymous customer and learn more about them to better provide a service or product suggestion. More importantly, brands can leverage all this consumer information to know where they go, what they buy, and when that mobile moment presents itself.


Regardless of the marketing strategy, accurate 1st party data for audience and location targeting can help brands achieve their goals. From local or nation wide campaigns, access to the best performing location media and data is crucial to target with precision, and scale when looking to engage consumers more effectively.

The APEX difference

60% of ad requests in mobile exchanges are off the mark, which is why close enough is never good enough. At APEX we ensure that your ad campaigns are delivered on time and on target while providing you the tools to identify audience scope, research the ideal consumer, building the ideal and precise consumer profile and further discovering mobile behaviours.


Together with our exclusive network of partners we enable brands to create memorable ad experiences fueled by hyper-relevant, timely messages in the moments that matter most to consumers.

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