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Location Data

Activate Consumers on the Path to Purchase

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Best In-Class Data, Insights, Location, and Inventory

Get the best in-class when it comes to data, insights, location, inventory and unmatched performance.

Our exclusive partnership with InMarket, an award winning high performance leader, connects you with audiences across diverse channels and platforms. ensuring your message reaches them at precisely the right moment. 

The APEX Difference

  • Obtain a 360-degree view of the market, consumer trends, and emerging opportunities, enabling you to make informed, data-driven decisions.

  • Use precision measurement and attribution to measure the impact of your marketing campaigns using attribution models that are second to none, enabling you to understand what's driving success and optimize your strategies accordingly.

  • Obtain a wealth of valuable insights into purchasing behaviour,  to tailor your strategies and offer a seamless path to conversion.

  • Create advertising campaigns that are not only effective but are also genuinely resonant and aligns with their journey.

Extend Your Reach 

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Accurately reach millions of unique devices across leading mobile, desktop and CTV inventory

to drive more impactful brand experiences in the moments that matter.

The APEX advantage

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Precision in advertising is paramount, and APEX is here to make it a reality. Which is why the APEX commitment to quality is firm.


We offer verified inventory with location scoring, bolstered by the power of machine learning.


This means: Every ad request is evaluated in real-time, ensuring that your message is delivered to the right audience on platforms that align perfectly with your goals.


The result? Advertising campaigns that not only meet your expectations but surpass them.


With APEX’s unmatched location technology and verified inventory with location scoring, you have the advantage you need to succeed in the dynamic world of advertising.

Location Scored

With Location Scored Inventory APEX is able to offer real-time geofencing, georetargeting, and geoaudience capabilities
that place your message at the right place and time.


Our location scoring ensures that your campaigns resonate with your audience on a personal level, and our exclusive access to 1st party SDK inventory is a testament to trust and reliability; empowering brands with the insights needed to make strategic choices while engaging audiences effectively.


With APEX your message reaches your audience with unparalleled precision, and that unparalleled precision will not just help you reach your audience; but also guide them through every step of their journey to purchase.

Activation in Real-Time

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Using in-app geo-contextual targeting in your strategy

By using highly accurate and refined audience and location data, brands can unmask the anonymous customer and learn more about them to better provide a service or product suggestion. More importantly, brands can leverage all this consumer information to know where they go, what they buy, and when that mobile moment presents itself.


Regardless of the marketing strategy, accurate 1st party data for audience and location targeting can help brands achieve their goals. From local or nation wide campaigns, access to the best performing location media and data is crucial to target with precision, and scale when looking to engage consumers more effectively.

The APEX difference

70% of ad requests in mobile exchanges are off the mark, which is why close enough is never good enough. At APEX we ensure that your ad campaigns are delivered on time and on target while providing you the tools to identify audience scope, research the ideal consumer, building the ideal and precise consumer profile and further discovering mobile behaviours.


Together with our exclusive network of partners we enable brands to create memorable ad experiences fueled by hyper-relevant, timely messages in the moments that matter most to consumers.

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