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Mobile marketing for media & entertainment

The mobile first and connected approach

A shift in how Canadians consume video entertainment

Before the rise of Netflix and other entertainment streaming apps like Amazon Prime Video, and Disney+, the movie theatre was once the sole king of the movie going and entertainment experience and TV networks were enjoying high ratings as stay-home audiences tuned in to their favourite shows. 

Today, watching new releases is no longer exclusive to the movie theatre and watching old, and new TV show favourites is no longer only enjoyed on linear cable.

A person watching content on a connected tv holding a remote

Audiences today are able to access new release movies at home at the same time as the theatre, and in some cases, even enjoy new movies that are exclusive to streaming apps that are enjoyed on smart devices, and
new series are released exclusively on apps, and old favourites that were once enjoyed as re-runs, are streamed on-demand. This shift in how and where Canadian audiences are consuming video entertainment is by-passing the chain of movie theatre distribution, and the effects are being felt by the entertainment industry as a whole. 


To attract audiences back into seats, the entertainment industry must reach, communicate, and engage with Canadians on the devices where time spent has shifted to. 

Icon showing 54%
Icon of a smartphone
Icon of a Connected TV

There are over 32 million
smartphone users in

72% of Canadian households report that they

have at least one Smart TV

of Canadians say that their streaming viewing has increased over the past year

Canadian movie theatre attendance 2021 bar chart

Overcoming the challenge

The challenge for film, and TV marketing is the need to build anticipation for the next hit movie or TV event in a short period of time. Traditionally, like all marketing, the runway for promoting a TV or film event has always followed where people are spending most of their free time and it has evolved from print, radio, TV, web, social media and now mobile.

Today, production and TV studios, along with the agencies that represent them, have realized that to be successful an approach to marketing for media and entertainment must be a mobile first approach that is creative, creates hype, and engages audiences before future release date. Learn more about how advertisers in the entertainment industry use mobile advertising by watching our Entertainment webinar here

The mobile first and connected approach

A mobile first approach to marketing for media and entertainment brands will place advertising efforts in front of Canadians that are spending over 4.4 hours on apps each day on average. 

A connected approach will place advertising efforts on Connected TV, and OTT devices which will target, and engage the elusive cord cutting audiences across premium on-demand video apps. 

The APEX difference

At APEX we’re helping brands in the media and entertainment industry connect with consumers of all ages, genders and background across premium in-app inventory that ranges from lifestyle apps, gaming, and more!

APEX Mobile Media in black and green

See how you can execute your next mobile advertising campaign with any of the following mobile and connected advertising tactics:

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