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Creative management platform

Design, scale, and performance; simplified so you can do more

Why you need a creative management platform

Digital media is getting more expensive.


Today’s rise in costs is driven by a much higher demand for content, tighter deadlines, limited resources and continuous changes to privacy laws and technology. For many advertisers, marketers, brands, and agencies a creative management platform, asset management software tool, or rich media builder helps to alleviate the costs associated with ad creation and campaign management. However, not all solutions are built the same.

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The modern creative management platform

The modern creative management platform is designed to fix the problems that the modern ad creation process has by bringing all steps of this process into one unified platform. The modern creative management platform is designed to be a small cloud-based advertising agency where users can log in from anywhere and begin to create, and manage all their digital creative.


With a premium creative management platform users can create and design ads from scratch or use more advanced coding. In a modern and premium creative management platform users can also serve ads, pull more data from 3rd party ad servers such as domain and placement info, and pull detailed visualized reports so that better decisions can be made for future campaigns. More importantly, the modern creative management platform makes collaborating with internal and external teams easy to do and even offers managed services for those who are looking for a hands-off approach.


For marketers, brands, agencies, and publishers a creative management platform is a must have as it enables users to create, distribute, and measure the performance of all digital advertising campaigns with ease. The result is time and money being saved and an overall increase in ROAS.

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How a creative management platform works

A next gen and premium creative management platform is designed to make the ad creation and management process easy to do by increasing efficiency within the production of the ad, and driving engagement by enabling users with easy and simplified design tools while also allowing advances users to code.


A premium creative management platform also makes collaboration with internal and external teams easy to do; and it also allows personalization and scale with advanced dynamic creative optimization capabilities.


Today, many creative management platforms offer most of the features mentioned but not all. Which is why many creative management platform users are still seeing gaps in their ad creation and production process.

The premium next-gen creative management platform

A premium next-gen creative management platform is cloud-based and is loaded with a variety of features and tools that help to bring digital ad campaigns to life faster, and more effectively. A platform that includes a creative ad builder,
ad serving, managed service options, detailed reporting and 3rd party capabilities will help any team
to increaseproduction and return on investment.

The APEX solution | The Altitude Platform

The Altitude Platform is a creative management platform that was built from the ground up with one goal in mind - provide a powerful cloud-based tool that simplifies creative design, scale, and performance.


With The Altitude Platform users can manage all aspects of the creative production, campaigns, reports, and ad serving in an organized manner while taking back control of the digital creative process in a single robust platform.


Discover how brands are doing more with this all-in-one cloud based creative management platform. Get a free demo
and see how it’s empowering users with easy to navigate design tools, ad management, scale,
and collaboration across all advertising creative projects.

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