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Webinar: In-game audio advertising

Seamless integration
without interruption

In the past audio advertising meant stoping the music, interrupting the podcast and pausing the game. That was then.


Today, digital audio advertising is a seamless integration without interruption to the user. It is an opportunity for brands to gain the ultimate advantage in the ‘attention economy’ by accurately targeting audiences in brand safe environments using a new form of ad-tech that further enhances the user experience. 


Be among the first brands in Canada to gain the advantage with this new form of advertising on mobile exclusively with APEX Mobile Media.


Register for our webinar on in-game audio advertising and hear from AudioMob CEO Christian Facey and the APEX Mobile Media leadership team as they explore the state of advertising, mobile gaming and how this new ad-tech enables organizations to capitalize and optimize the mobile gaming experience by using a new digital advertising channel that is both fluid and accepted by gamers worldwide.

Watch the on-demand replay now

APEX WEBINAR- In game audio advertising_
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