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Location Data

Unparalleled location technology in the dynamic realm of advertising

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Our Exclusive Advantage

Together with The Altitude Platform APEX delivers captivating visuals and narratives that resonate effectively with your audience, bringing your vision to life

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- Deliver real-time experiences in the physical world & measure in-store visits

- Leverage unrivalled data+scale using market leading precision that is accurate and uses 100% permission-based SDK data sets across 21.8M+ MAU’s in Canada

- Obtain certified & trusted data that is comscore & location science certified for visit/data accuracy and methodologies

- Advertise with unmatched performance that are 6.5X* better than industry benchmarks

- Advertise with omnichannel multi-touch attribution that is uses partner patented, always-on location conversion index

- Obtain 360° consumer intelligence that are powered by real-time 1st party consumer location, purchase and survey data

The APEX Opportunity

Access To
Multiple Touchpoints

Every interaction is crafted to count, and every touchpoint is designed to be memorable. Memorable touchpoints involve targeted consumers receiving notifications, engaging with branded moments through trusted apps, and acting on notifications to access offers or calls to action.

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Access To
Multiple Touchpoints

These activations are underpinned by data science and machine learning, guaranteeing that each interaction is guided by insights, providing a personalized experience for every consumer. This personalized approach aids in avoiding targeting after store visits, reducing wasted media spend, and optimizing budgets

Enhance Engagement &
Maximize ROI

Branded moments, driven by data science, maximize ROI, ensuring that every advertising dollar is judiciously spent. In-store and in-path branded experiences lead to increased engagement and performance.

APEX's approach goes beyond enhancing consumer engagement; it redefines advertising success, ensuring that every interaction is meaningful, and every investment is maximized.

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