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Mobile advertising

Meet customers on the devices they can’t live without

Mobile Advertising

Mobile advertising is a form of advertising that appears on mobile devices such as smartphones and tablet computers.

In its infancy, companies used these devices to advertise through text ads using SMS. The evolution of mobile advertising then led to the creation of ad placements that appear embedded on a mobile website. Today mobile advertising is also found in apps such as lifestyle apps, fitness apps, and mobile games.

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Learn more about The Mobile First Approach to Successfully Navigating Today's Advertising Landscape from our Whitepaper below
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Canadian mobile phone users who access the internet using their mobile phones

Canadians spending up to 20 hours per week using mobile internet

Why mobile advertising works

Canadians now spend more time on their smartphones, tablets, and other mobile devices than they do sitting Infront of the television. Which is why brands are changing their marketing and advertising strategies to catch up with changing consumer habits.

Today, the best brands in Canada have adopted a mobile first approach to meet new and existing customers on the devices they can’t live without and in the apps that they trust and love.

How mobile advertising works

Leveraging ad publishers that can provide trusted and refined first-party user and location data; brands are tailoring their ads based on consumer tastes, apps, browsing history, and even precise location in real-time.

But data is not the only key ingredient to a successful mobile ad campaign. Brands must also consider partnering with an ad publisher who has exclusive access to premium inventory with a high count of daily and monthly active users. Learn more about how brands use mobile advertising by downloading our Mobile First whitepaper here

Using in-app mobile advertising in your strategy

Mobile web and in-app mobile advertising can help with various types of strategies such as creating awareness, driving foot traffic to brick-and-mortar locations, lead capture, ecommerce, ticket and event sales, and even create communicating with customers in real-time during that crucial mobile moment.

The APEX difference

Our Focus is to reach and engage premium audiences.


APEX Mobile Media leverages modern mobile and in-app mobile advertising technologies, strategies,
and partnerships to drive performance for our clients. We do this by only using the best in location,
first party data, gaming, creative and popular mobile media channels.

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