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Engaging modern digital audiences

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Our Unique Approach

Be at the forefront of omni-channel advertising, with a unique approach that combines real-time connectivity with consumers, unparalleled reach, exclusive data, actionable intelligence, and attribution excellence to create a seamless advertising experience across multiple devices.

Mobile Apps

Mobile Sites

Connected TV

Other Channels

APEX is focused on engaging modern audiences with precision, crafting compelling narratives, and providing transparent insights to drive brand success in the digital age

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Real Time Consumer Engagement

Designed to connect with consumers in real-time using exclusive data and actionable intelligence that ensure every interaction on mobile devices is impactful


Connecting Brands with Precision

Reach the right audience at the right moment. Leverage insights derived from the analysis of intent, location, and transaction data that enables your brand to connect with audiences using unmatched accuracy in real-time. 

Premium Audience Inventory

Put your brand in brand-safe, secure, and premium environments, aligning perfectly with core business values and campaign objectives. This curated approach to audience inventory ensures that your brand's message resonates with the intended audience across multiple touchpoints.

Brand Safe

Multiple Touchpoints

Premium Audience

Multi-Device Advertising

A One-Stop Solution that transcends traditional boundaries, making every interaction count across mobile, desktop, and Connected TV, ensuring that each touchpoint with audiences is memorable and impactful


Transparent Insights for Informed Decisions

Data-driven transparent attribution and brand lift studies enable brands to make informed decisions and understand the impact of your advertising efforts

Connected TV Advertising: Personalized Experiences

Personalized TV ad experiences enable brands to engage audiences at home on the largest screen, across their favorite streaming services while forging strong connections with viewers

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Leveraging TV for Mobile Action

Dynamic video ads accompanied by unique QR codes in TV spots drive users to different landing pages, enabling deeper engagement and a direct path to purchase

Omnichannel Reach and Attribution

The customer journey starts at home and continues on the go. Reach millions of Canadians streaming content across unique Connected TV inventory

10M+ Unique CTV Devices

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