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Webinar: iOS 13 and the impact on location based marketing

​In today's advertising world location is a key player in knowing where your customers are and when and where to serve relevant, responsive brand experiences. However, recent consumer sentiment has led to new forms of legislation being introduced that protect consumer data and do a better job to ensure that consumers are informed and aware of who is accessing their information. 


Recently, the smart phone industry has made huge leaps in protecting its consumers with new updates to operating systems such as iOS 13 and Android 10.


Join host Carlos Guevara (APEX Mobile Media) and his guests, Gary Engnes (inMarket), Chris Lombardi (APEX Mobile Media) and Walder Amaya (APEX Mobile Media) in our first of many webinars to come. 


This webinar will explore how Apple and Google's new iOS 13 and Android 10 update impacts the way location-based marketing is being done and takes a deeper look at how brands are positioning themselves to embrace this change. 

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