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White Paper: Location Intelligence

Insights beyond marketing through hyper-accurate location data.


The landscape has changed when it comes to how audiences engage with brands. More people on this planet are using their mobile devices to do more than just talk. From shopping, emailing, booking reservations and more. It's all being done on a mobile device.


The era of hyper-personalization has led marketers to an arms race for rich contextual customer data that will enable them to better customize the ads they deliver to their target audience. But the key to getting into the back pocket of the consumer is in the mobile location data they create every single day.

Download our new white paper: Location Intelligence: Insights beyond marketing through hyper-accurate location data and learn what the current state of mobile advertising in Canada looks like, and how marketers are shifting tactics to work with continuously evolving consumer data in an effort to deliver personalized content. 

Download Our Guide Today!

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