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Mobile Advertising Case Studies


Driving price and product awareness with Mobile Flyers

June 2022

Discover how retail and CPG clients in Canada are using real-time advertising on mobile to reach and engage consumers where and when it matters most.


Download our latest case study and learn how our mobile flyer campaigns outperform industry benchmarks when it comes to viewability, reach, and conversion and see how your brand can capitalize on the mobile moment.

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In-app Advertising for Auto

Q3 2020

Consumers are spending more time on mobile than ever and this shift in behaviour is changing the way consumers are shopping. 

Download our new case study and learn how auto manufacturers use APEX Mobile Media and its leading in-app mobile advertising capabilities to target auto-intenders accurately. 

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Case Study: In-app Mobile Gaming Advertising

June 2020

20.4 Million Canadians are gaming on mobile. ​

Download this free case study and learn how APEX Mobile Media helped a popular video streaming service connect with with audiences in a largely untapped market; in-app mobile gaming.