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In-app digital audio advertising

Drive engagement and ad recall with in-app audio advertising


In-App Digital Audio Advertising 

In-app audio advertising is a new form of digital audio advertising that enables brands to connect with the millions of Canadians spending time on their phone.


This new form of advertising has gained in popularity with advertisers as it is respectfully integrated advertising that works well with the new consumer and mobile privacy updates. This advertising channel can also work with IDFA consent and without by switching to precision contextual targeting.

Cover image of APEX Mobile Media's webinar on Audio Advertising
Learn more about In-Game Audio Advertising from our webinar

Why in-app digital audio advertising works

It is estimated that there are 32.3 Million smart phone users in Canada with the majority of them spending 4.4 hours a day in mobile apps. Audio presents a unique opportunity for brands to engage with consumers wherever they are
without interrupting the in-app experience.


Key benefits to digital audio advertising in-app include reaching and consumers where they are spending most of their time without requiring them to be looking at the screen. For example, consumers can be at the gym, commuting to work, playing a mobile game, or in their car.


Another key benefit is that there is no wasted ad spend because ads are only served when a user is actively using their mobile device with sound on or earphones plugged in on non-skippable inventory.

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There are over 32 million smartphone users in


In 2022 Digital audio listeners will surpass 25

million in Canada

Smartphone users in Canada spend

approximately 4.4 hours per day in apps

How in-app digital audio advertising works

Digital audio advertising on mobile devices can help brands stand out in todays attention driven economy by creating a unique non-restricted ad experience.

Digital audio advertising does this by using non-skippable premium app inventory, including games. The ads are served in-stream and are not susceptible to ad block technology.

The effect of this ad type can help advertisers close the loop on any omni-channel marketing efforts and further help drive awareness and even sales.

Using in-app digital audio advertising in your strategy

Digital audio advertising can help brands complete the omni-channel experience using non-intrusive,
non-skippable advertising across premium app inventory. In some cases, advertisers see
a 2000% increase in engagement levels when compared to traditional advertising options. 


Brands today are cutting through the noise by making noise themselves using digital audio advertising across
premium in-app environments, including mobile gaming. This channel can be key to helping brands achieve
marketing goals such as driving foot traffic to real-world locations, boosting ticket and
event sales, driving e-commerce, and reaching younger and harder to reach audiences. Learn more about how brands achieve this by watching our webinar here

The APEX difference

APEX is helping brands to reach Canadians with digital audio advertising on mobile, in-game, everywhere.


We’re connecting brands with consumers using digital audio in the apps they love. In addition, we’re also ensuring that brands reach the growing and diverse gaming audience with our APEX Gaming Network.  Whether you’re looking to use digital audio in everyday apps or gaming apps, APEX is the choice for any advertiser looking to win in today’s highly competitive attention economy.

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