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Focused On Building Brands


We pride ourselves on using only precision mobile in-app

advertising that deliver results on your campaigns.


We're Here Because "Close Enough Is Not Good Enough"


We Build Audiences

  • Become more than just an impression with hyper-accurate data that displays your ad to the right person at the right time

We Create Engagement

  • Creative ads that engage while enticing interaction and increasing brand recognition, retention and increased ROI

We Advertise Without Interruption

  • Create and integrate relevant ads seamlessly into the user experience on popular apps across our exclusive app network

Accuracy. That's Why We're Different

Going from impression to engagement starts with the right data.


Our process is designed to get your message in front of the right audience in an effective and timely manner. Supported with the most sophisticated location data and audience data that deliver results on your campaigns . 

Exclusive Partners

Project Showcase

We're proud to have partnered with some of the biggest brands

and agencies in Canada to bring engaging in mobile-advertising

to millions of users. 


There's Nothing Above The APEX


APEX towers above the rest by using contextual hyper-accurate location and audience data to deliver your message at the right time to the right person.

Years of experience and strong leadership make us the choice for businesses that are serious about effective mobile advertising.

Proudly Canadian

Proud to be providing mobile in-app advertising solutions to companies
in Canada and abroad, in both English and French. 


Our team is ready to help.

Vancouver office:

662 Evans Avenue
Vancouver, BC V6A 2K9

Telephone: 604.961.4752

Toronto Head Office:

365 Bay Street, Suite 401

Toronto, ON M5H 2V1

Telephone: 416.357.8602

Montreal office:

3 Place Ville Marie
Montreal, QC H3B 2E3

Telephone: 416.357.8602

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Toronto Head Office:

365 Bay Street, Suite 401

Toronto, ON M5H 2V1

Telephone: 416.357.8602

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