In-app Mobile Advertising For Marketing

Insights that drive conversion and better customer experiences

The Impact of Mobile Advertising

Not everyone has a laptop, tablet or even cable television anymore. But over 31.38 million people in Canada are connected via smart phone, and it goes with them everywhere.

Which is why mobile in-app ads are rapidly taking over the way marketers spend their advertising dollars.


In 2020, mobile ad spending accounted for 76.6% of all ad spending in Canada surpassing the $7 billion mark. It is expected to further grow to 8.28 billion in 2021.

Unlike many marketing fads that have come and gone, mobile in-app advertising is here to stay and will only get better. Its ability to get marketers a high degree of rich customer information and data provides insights and benefits beyond just advertising to any brand, agency or marketer.

Deliver Your Message Where Your audience Is

Asset 6.png

Apps are a gateway into verticals, such as gaming, retail, mutli-media, streaming video apps

and more


Time spent in-app 
using mobile by Canadians


This new wave of mobile apps has created a unique way for users to engage with the rest of the world (search, streaming, reading, gaming)


Of Canadians using 
Smart Phone Tech


Smart phone apps are no longer just composed of social

media apps


Shift in user mobile usage has changed the industry’s ad

spend model

31.3 M

People in Canada
using smart phones

  • Source: Research by Amsterdam-based firm Newzoo

Go From Simply Advertising

to Creating Engagement

Impressions are not enough. For any marketer, the goal is conversion through engagement. In-app advertising offers a higher click-through rate than web advertising.​

Other studies show that in-app ads also perform 129% higher than the same ad running on a mobile web browser.


Brands looking to engage and connect with audiences can no longer ignore the relationship between in-app mobile advertising and a higher Click Through Rate.

Apps have a 1.53 percent click-through rate compared to mobile Web ads with at 1.12 percent -Marketing Dive

A Seamless Ad Experience Delivered In-App

In a world where audiences want to be engaged, context is everything.


Ads displayed in-app are done within the context of the mobile application being used, creating a seamless user experience when the advertisement is displayed.


Advertising without interruption can be the difference between engagement and enragement. This form of advertising is fuelled by the many options available for ad delivery in-app, further making this method of advertising appealing to brands.

Brands can choose from a variety of interactive ads that can be chosen from; delivering a seamless ad experience at specific key points during the in-app journey.


Fuel For A Successful In-App Campaign

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Data is like oil. It needs to be cleaned, refined, and enriched.


When brands advertise within apps, they work with very specific audience data. By advertising across a network of trusted apps that earn the trust of the user, brands can pull direct demographic and geo-location data that feed back to the advertiser.


For marketers, this means having the ability to stay on target when it comes to delivering your ad to audiences that matter, ultimately helping brands get the most value out of their campaigns dollars.

With hyper-accurate location and demographic data, driven by trusted premium apps that exchange value for this data, marketers can prevent wasting impressions and audiences; and start gaining valid insights and improved ad performance.  

The majority of ad requests in mobile exchanges don’t even include age data, and of those that do, 60% are off the mark
The result:
Bad data delivers irrelevant ads to audiences, costing you wasted dollars

Insights Beyond Marketing

In-app mobile advertising provides marketers with opportunities that were
previously unheard of, and APEX has helped many brands take full advantage of them.

Learn how APEX helps marketers move away from ineffective advertising by using the most premium network of location data, mobile data, and app partner network.