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5 Ways To Win With Back-to-School Campaigns Using Mobile Advertising

As summer approaches, so does the anticipation of the new school year. With school start times varying from late August to early September, back-to-school promotions don’t begin on a particular date.

Enrolment begins anywhere from mid- to late July, and continues through August; ending in mid-September. And while that may seem distant, the runway and planning for effective back-to-school advertising starts now! 

A student ready for the back to school season

Recognizing that Canadians spend 4 hours 38 minutes on mobile apps per day, this period becomes a crucial opportunity to connect effectively with students and parents alike. Here are five strategic ways to leverage mobile advertising to maximize your impact this back-to-school season:

1. Start Early with Strategic Planning

Timing is everything. Launching your campaigns early gives you a significant advantage:

  • Longer Engagement: Extend the interaction span with your audience, allowing for increased brand recall.

  • A/B Testing: Use the lead time to test ad creatives and refine messaging based on audience response.

  • Optimal Ad Spend: Early data lets you adjust budgets to focus on the most effective channels and tactics.

2. Utilize Advanced Geolocation Targeting

Geolocation technology is more than just a tool; it’s a game-changer:

  • Location-Based Offers: Target ads based on proximity to specific stores or regions, perfect for local promotions.

  • Event Triggering: Deliver ads at the right moment, like sending special offers when a potential customer is near a retail location or competitor’s store.

  • Customized Messaging: Tailor ads to local trends, weather, and events for higher relevance and engagement.

3. Engage with Rich Media and Interactive Ads for Mobile Advertising

Mobile screens are the battleground for attention. Make every pixel count:

  • Video Content: Use short, engaging videos to capture interest quickly.

  • Interactive Elements: Include quizzes or swipeable galleries to involve users actively with your brand.

  • In-Path Moments: Reach consumers during the critical consideration phase through interactive ads.

4. Optimize for Omni-Channel Experiences

Seamless experiences across devices ensure consistent messaging:

  • Cross-Device Targeting: Ensure your ads reach the same users on mobile, tablet, and CTV.

  • Unified Campaigns: Coordinate messages across channels to reinforce the campaign narrative and boost overall effectiveness.

  • Track Cross-Channel Impact: Use unified analytics to understand how mobile ads contribute to broader campaign goals.

5. Measure and Adapt with Real-Time Data

Immediate insights can pivot a good campaign to a great one:

  • Live Monitoring: Track campaign performance in real-time to adjust tactics swiftly.

  • Engagement Analytics: Dive into which ads pull more engagement and why, adjusting future creatives accordingly.

  • ROI Tracking: Use our sophisticated attribution tools to measure the direct impact of mobile campaigns on sales and foot traffic.

Prepare to Lead the Pack

With these strategies, your brand can dominate the mobile advertising space this back-to-school season. Embrace the power of mobile with APEX Mobile Media, and turn these insights into action. Ready to innovate your back-to-school campaigns? Reach out to us today!


Jal Sonpal is a marketing strategist at Apex Mobile Media. He has worked with major brands across the globe, primarily in sports and is a Master of Marketing graduate from the coveted Schulich School of Business in Toronto.



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