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Confessions from an Avid Ad Block User

My name is Lils and I use ad blocker.

Yes, it seems a little bit contradictory that I work at a media company that is focused on advertising, but advertising that interrupts my online experience and activity is not welcome.

I first downloaded ad blocker because I hated when I would see the same advertisements interrupting my online streaming. I know I might sound like a diva but hear me out.

I hated watching a tv show on my computer and being interrupted by irrelevant ads. Not only were these ads impeding my ability to see who gets eliminated on my favourite shows but it also provides me with irrelevant content. Imagine streaming a show and this pop up shows up on screen. Grrr.

Since working at APEX Mobile Media, and seeing what our Account Managers do for clients, I have started to understand that there is a process that goes into carefully choosing demographics for ads that provide target audiences content that matters to them.

It got me thinking, the companies whose ads kept popping during my streaming are spending lots of money advertising and it’s going to waste. Something our Account Managers at APEX would never do for the brands they manage. The AM’s here are all about targeting the right audiences and increasing conversion. Engagement with an ad that is relevant to me has better conversions. If I see something I am interested in or relevant to me at that exact time, will result in me clicking it. An example of this is last week, I was using Instagram and I got an ad in my feed for a coffee company that I actively purchase from every day. This ad targeted me as I was probably in their demographics based on in-store foot traffic. Anyway, this ad was for a recipe to make at home coffee popsicles and, I now have it in my freezer waiting for me to get home. Their ad had so many benefits to me as a targeted audience member. Not only do I already love the brand and its product, but I also learned a recipe to make a sweet treat.

Ultimately, I had a positive engagement with an advertisement that was relevant to me.

If only all ads were displayed to audiences with context, there would be no ad blockers out there. Truth is, I am not the only one who feels the same way, an article on posted a study showing that 71% of consumers prefer personalized ads; further proving that personalization is key not only for engagement but for user experience which can easily lead to conversion.

That same article goes on to indicate that consumers named one of the greatest benefits to personalization as being the processing of helping reduce irrelevant ads.

So, what are you waiting for?

It’s time to create ads that are fuelled with context and designed to engage and drive action. The ad block industry was created thanks to annoying, intrusive and irrelevant advertising.

Be part of the change needed to help make advertising something that audiences WANT to see, engage with and talk about.



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