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Is your brand ready for the metaverse? A look at our new partnership with Bloxbiz.

We recently announced our new partnership with Bloxbiz, a US based company that enables brands to advertise across popular Roblox games. Yes, the same Roblox universe with 42.1 million daily active users.

For those who don’t know, Roblox is a platform where people go to play in open world environments created by everyday users. Most environments are free to play and provide users with either some form of mini-game or “experiences” as Roblox likes to call them. Recently some of these environments have been home to concerts, and brand sponsored events. The reception from gamers to these metaverse events has been favourable, as reported by DigiDay, these Roblox experiences have resulted in a total of 30.6 billion hours played in 2020 or about 2.5 hours plus of game time per user each day.

Average time spent on Roblox compared to Netflix


An average of more than two and a half hours per day.


3.2 hours on average of streaming video per day in 2020.

For us at APEX, this was an opportunity we could not miss out on, and we acted quickly to ensure that we put Canadian brands in-front of the 15 million active gamers within the reach of Bloxbiz who is the first dynamic in-game ad platform within Roblox.

Together with Bloxbiz we are reaching Canadian gamers in the Roblox platform across 50 of the most popular game experiences in an unobtrusive, seamless manner that blends into the in-game environments using industry leading viewability technology.

For brands this presents an opportunity to reach and engage a hard-to-reach audience within the Gen Z demographic ages 9-24. Together with Bloxbiz we are putting brands Infront of Gen Z audiences using ads designed to be a part of the gaming experience using natural discovery and 3D impressions that are measured only when the ad is viewed in a 3D space.

This new ad-tech and opportunity is what brands need to carve out a piece of digital real estate in popular virtual spaces, and the time to do it is now. Brands should think of these ad spaces as they would with out of home advertising. A billboard in the centre of a popular game is as effective as one at Yonge and Dundas in Toronto or Times Square in New York. Together with Bloxbiz we can use familiar ad formats in new environments and with new insights. From custom targeting, and insightful reporting in brand safe hand selected environments.

Learn more about our in-game advertising capabilities and our partnership with Bloxbiz today and bring your brand into the metaverse.

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1 Comment

In fact, geniuses are sitting in roblox. For a few days, the game has gained huge momentum. All this is thanks to advertising and coloborations. I was once asked to edit an advertising integration for them. For 13 hours of hard work, I earned a large amount of money. I can't say how much))) If you don't want to work in an office, then you can follow my path, maybe you will succeed. If anyone is interested, I do all my work in since it is free, multifunctional and very simple. In general, try and forget about the dull work)))

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