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Unlocking Summer in Spring with Mobile Advertising

April is here and that means summer is just around the corner.

As nature reawakens with the arrival of spring, so too does the opportunity for brands to connect with their audience in vibrant and effective ways, positioning themselves at the forefront of consumers' minds as they prepare for summer.

This summer, APEX Mobile Media is spotlighting the unparalleled advantages of mobile advertising—a dynamic platform where immediacy, personalization, and innovation converge to capture consumer attention in moments that matter.

The Opportunity:

Summer symbolizes happiness, optimism, joy, warmth, great health, outdoor activities, brightness, delicious food, enjoyable car rides, motorcycling, bicycling, jogging, and excitement—uff, that's quite a list, and it could go on, right?

The point is, summer offers the best opportunity for brands to achieve consistent sales peaks throughout those 2-3 months, unlike the holiday season, which experiences spikes in bursts.

So, why start preparing for summer so early? The answer lies in tapping into consumer psychology. People tend to prepare in advance.

Some might apply for their vacation time early for that trip to Banff, meaning they'll also make their bookings well ahead. Others might plan to host friends and family for barbecues during long weekends.

So if consumers are planning in advance, then so should brand.

Spring Into Mobile Advertising to Build the Summer

The Strategy:

So what’s the best way to do it through mobile media? Leveraging mobile advertising this spring is about more than reaching out; it's about connecting with relevance and precision. Here’s how:

Seasonal Relevance: Tailor your brand messaging to summer themes - we mentioned so many above. This alignment not only boosts relevance but also strengthens the emotional connection with your audience.

Micro-Moments: Capitalize on the immediacy of mobile to engage consumers in micro-moments, those instances when they turn to their device to learn, discover, watch, or buy something. These moments offer prime opportunities for brands to be present and compelling. 

A campaign example of APEX Mobile Media's performance in the QSR space
Here's how APEX Mobile Media helped the world's largest QSR leverage micro-moments in their customer's purchase pathway to promote their offers.

Location-based Targeting: Summer activities often revolve around specific locations, from parks and outdoor events to holiday destinations. APEX Mobile Media’s precise location targeting enables your brand to engage consumers with personalized messages based on their real-time or anticipated location, all while adhering to privacy standards.

Interactive Formats: Make the most of mobile's interactive capabilities. From augmented reality experiences that blend digital information with the physical world to engaging formats like polls and quizzes, these tools transform passive observers into active participants.

What This Means for Advertisers:

For advertisers, utilizing the spring season to plan the summer is a unique opportunity to revitalize their approach to mobile advertising. By embracing the season's energy and utilizing the advanced targeting and interactive capabilities of mobile platforms, your brand can stand out and deeply resonate with your target audience.

Make Summer memorable with APEX Mobile Media:

Join us in tapping into the potential of mobile advertising this spring to supercharge your summer. Explore our innovative solutions and strategic insights to help your brand thrive in a season of renewal and growth. Dive into our latest resources and success stories to see how we're making mobile advertising more impactful and engaging.

As the landscape blooms, so too can your brand's presence and connection with consumers. Let's make this spring a season of growth, innovation, and powerful engagement.


Jal Sonpal is a marketing strategist at Apex Mobile Media. He has worked with major brands across the globe, primarily in sports and is a Master of Marketing graduate from the coveted Schulich School of Business in Toronto.



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