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eBook: Mobile ad-planning

Step-by-step guide to succesful mobile ad planning


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More Canadians than ever are spending 80% of their time on their smartphone and in-app. Your next sale is a block away, on their way to work, at the gym, or on the couch ignoring the TV. So how do you effectively launch a mobile ad campaign that gets them to go from ignoring your ad to engaging with it?

Modern businesses and brands have high expectations of mobile advertising, they expect it to have high visibility and increase conversions. These same brands have a calculated roadmap, budget and plan on how they want digital mobile advertising to work for them, but without the right partner or agency to help envision and strategize a mobile first approach into their roadmap; the mobile ad plan will fail. 

For brands to obtain better results and create engaged customers, proper planning of a mobile ad campaign is crucial. 

Learn how APEX Mobile Media along with its exclusive partners in Canada help brands and agencies set up, launch, and perfect a mobile ad campaign. 

Download and read the APEX step-by-step guide on mobile ad-planning and explore the rich media options and benefits of in-app mobile advertising.

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