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Campaign Insights

Campaign performance is clearer from the APEX

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Let Us Be Your Guide To The Top

Get detailed campaign reports and data-driven insights from our campaign management team using accurate mobile user data and location intelligence.


Dedicated APEX account managers provide real-world data to give you a better understanding of your audience and ad campaign performance.

The Competitive Edge To Help You Engage And Not Just Advertise

Audiences are bombarded with ads every day, both online and offline. Start using mobile ads to go beyond just advertising and start engaging your audience with campaigns they want to interact with.

A person being overwhelmed by the amount of advertisments being shown to them at the same time
A screen showing a number of metrics being reported on for an ad campaign

Insights That Fuel Success

Fuel your campaigns with data-driven insights that enable you to create a true 360 persona of your audience to better understand who they are and engage them on an emotional level with impeccably timed advertising.

Discover New Customers And Become A Part Of Their Journey

Obtain the insights you need to better understand your audience’s behaviour and get tailored account management services that optimize your ad campaigns to be more efficient and effective.

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Achieve More With APEX Insights

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Customer Journey

Discover and track customer paths to and from your brand

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Benchmark and Complete

See brand performance compared to the industry average

Icon showing a graph to depict improved performance

Track, Measure and Increase ROI

Increase awareness and conversion with data-driven decision making

The Only Ones In Canada With Access To The Largest Independent Mobile Data Marketplace

Our exclusive partnership with the Kochava Collective brings you the largest independent marketplace for connected devices with more than 5 billion addressable device profiles that can be activated across all major platforms, networks and DSPs.

100% deterministic data, triple validated as accurate

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Validated data scrubbed for fraud, to ensure increased ROI

The APEX Difference

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icon showing a lock enclosed in a shield to denote strong security and fraud prevention

Fraud Prevention

Our Exclusive Data Partnership Is Designed To Optimize
Your Mobile Ads

A computer showing the Kochava dashboard including reporting metrics used for optimizing campaigns

Define audiences based on elements like app usage, app graph, demographics, and
points of interest.

APEX Helps You Build Audiences, Create Engagement And Advertise Without Interruption

Start building your audience today and begin your journey to successful in-app mobile advertising.

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The APEX difference

At APEX we’re helping brands in the media and entertainment industry connect with consumers of all ages, genders and background across premium in-app inventory that ranges from lifestyle apps, gaming, and more!

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See how you can execute your next mobile advertising campaign with any of the following mobile and connected advertising tactics:

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