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The Demons Brands Face in Digital Advertising

Updated: Nov 1, 2023

In the world of digital advertising, the horrors brands face is no less terrifying than the spookiest Halloween nightmares. As we step into the landscape of programmatic advertising, brands grapple with a host of fears, from ad fraud to missing their target audience entirely. Let's take a closer look at the demons that haunt the advertising world:

  1. Brand Safety: One of the biggest fears in programmatic advertising is ensuring that your ads don't appear in harmful or inappropriate environments. Think of it as a brand's nightmare to find its ad next to extremist content, hate speech, or adult material – a chilling prospect that can tarnish its reputation.

  2. Ad Fraud: The spectre of ad fraud looms large. This includes various fraudulent activities like click fraud, impression fraud, and ad stacking. Imagine paying for fake clicks that don't lead to any genuine user engagement. It's a marketer's worst nightmare.

  3. Viewability: Brands want their ads to be seen, but low viewability can lead to wasted ad spends. There's fear that your ads may not even be displayed in viewable areas of a user's screen, leaving them in the dark.

  4. Fraud Measurement: Brands need reliable tools and metrics to measure ad viewability and detect fraud. Fear of inaccurate measurement data or lack of transparency can keep marketers up at night.

  5. Missing Target Audience: It’s a waste of money if an ad is being shown to someone outside the desired target audience for brands. Not all brands have the capabilities to strategize and optimize to ensure their ads reach the right people at the right time and place.

To face these fears, brands seek trusted partners, employ brand safety tools, use ad verification services, and maintain a proactive approach to managing their programmatic campaigns. Staying informed about industry developments and best practices is essential to exorcize these advertising demons.

But like the hero in a scary movie, advanced advertising networks like APEX Mobile Media serve as the strong protagonist who can save the day with things like protecting brand safety, slaying ad fraud, guaranteeing viewability, providing transparent measurement and third party attribution, and of course; hitting the right target audience at the right time.

As one of Canada's most trusted omni-channel advertising partners APEX ensures that its clients' fears are minimized or put to rest altogether. Through strategic partnerships with DSPs who cater to location data, first-party data, contextual data, and gaming networks.

An advanced ad-networks like APEX Mobile Media transform ads into brand experiences that consumers actively engage with leading to high viewability and thereby also achieving high ROAS for the brands. APEX’s omni-channel expertise sets brands free from the grip of these advertising nightmares. See for yourself by checking out our recent case studies on campaigns across many verticals that achieved impressive performance

Partnerships in advertising require confidence, and confidence is built on trust. By partnering with DSPs and utilizing services like Integrate Ad Sciences (IAS) and Double Verify (DV), APEX Mobile Media fights the spectre of ad fraud and brand safety, ensuring your ads are seen by the right eyes in safe environments. APEX aims to ensure ad fraud rates remain as low as 1% so that brand campaigns can reach its target audience and improve the effectiveness of their online advertising, giving them clarity and confidence in their digital investment. APEX ensures that ads are only shown to humans on legitimate publishers, protecting brand media budgets from bots with surgical accuracy.

So, it’s a Happy Halloween indeed if APEX Mobile Media is your partner. If not? Then get in touch with us at


Jal Sonpal is a brand and partnerships management strategist contributing to the marketing efforts at Apex Mobile Media. He has worked with major brands across the globe, primarily in sports and is a Master of Marketing graduate from the coveted Schulich School of Business in Toronto.



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